What Inspired Me To Start Designing

Howdy fellow stitchers and sundry Internet folks, I thought I’d take the time to provide some insight as to why I decided it was time to start designing my own cross stitch projects. While I am definitely inspired by the new patterns coming out of of the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery design house and the original work coming from Satsuma Street, the ultimate reason why I decided to start this venture is my friend Debbie Bryant of Debbie’s Cross Stitch. She wasn’t a designer, but an inveterate stitcher, a woman so dedicated to her craft that she was willing to drive over an hour once or twice a month just to meet up with other stitchers and work on her projects all day. She shared pictures of her work on her blog, and people all over the world knew her through her online handle, SoCal Debbie, and through her generosity of spirit.


One of the last projects Debbie worked on, like so many others, this was a gift for one of her friends

When Debbie unexpectedly passed away in 2014, I felt a little cast adrift. She had become a really good friend and a stitching cheerleader, always encouraging me to start projects and try new techniques I’d never had before. One thing she always told me was that I should start designing my own patterns – she thought that other stitchers would like my dry sense of humor and pop culture references, especially younger stitchers. I would make self-deprecating comments about why I could not do that, she would say I should, and we’d move on to something else. Ironically enough, the type of designs that I thought no one else would like are doing well on Etsy now and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of people creating the things I wanted but could not find, the patterns Debbie told me I should make myself.

Now that I’ve finally decided to go ahead and take her advice, to start my own shop and create the things I would like see stitched and hanging on my walls, I wish she could be here to see it for herself. Luckily for me, I can still hear her voice sometimes when I feel discouraged, telling me that I can do it, still acting acting as my biggest cheerleader. Now that I am doing this in her memory, I hope I can do her stitching legacy justice.

To see more of Debbie’s finished work, click here. Thank you for your visit, and keep on stitching –Shaunterria